Friday, April 29, 2011

Star Wars Weekend Details Finally Announced!

After a long weight Disney company has finally announced there official line up for Star Wars Weekend 2011.  Guests include those such as the famous Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) who is the only one to appear in all six Star Wars Movies.   And supervising director Dave Filoni the first weekend.   The first weekend will also be the official re-launch of Star Tours with Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.

Check out the following link:
Star Wars Weekend 2011 Announcement

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tony's Town Square at the Magic Kingdom!

Photo taken by me May 2010.

In 2010 me and my husband had dinner at Tony's Town Square Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom and it was the most memorable anniversary we ever had.   The staff was real friendly and super attentive and they made sure that this would be an anniversary that we would never forget.  We arrived shortly before our reservation and we where promptly seated near the Lady and the Tramp fountain.   The manger then came to our table and asked if we where huge Lady and the Tramp fans.  And I told her we where because the scene where Lady and the Tramp eat Spaghetti is one of mine and my husband's favorite scenes.   Our sever then asked my husband and me to get up and stand beside the fountain where to my surprise and joy they announced our anniversary to the whole restaurant and then had my husband roll a meatball with his nose to me on the fountain's edge.  After we were seated we got to talk with the chef who came out to bring the cake we had.  The manger then came out and presented me and my husband with a stuffed animal of Lady and the Tramp from the restaurant in honor of our anniversary.  It was all so magical that I was tearing up with joy.   Our server was super nice and helped us gather up the left over cake.  This was on the best dinning experiences we have ever had at Walt Disney World.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some of my Favorite Rides at Disney: Part 2

Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom:   This classic attraction is well done and I am looking forward to the upgrades in the hitchhiking ghosts.

Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom:  Another classic attraction not to miss.   One of my favorite parts is Davy Jones and "Dead men tell no tales".

Mission Space at Epcot, Orange Version:  Very realistic love the feeling at take off.  Not for those prone to motion sickness.  The only ride at Walt Disney World to have motion sickness bags in it.  Also do not eat a big meal before this ride "your stomach might not like you"  after the ride if you do.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some of My Favorite Rides at Walt Disney World: Part 1

Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom:  A nice ride to go on that is an exciting thrill. Best and wettest seat is the first row of the flume. rub the bunny for luck. Also nice to cool off in the hot Florida sun.

Test Track at Epcot:   One of my top two favorite rides at Epcot.    Fastest ride at Disney and to me one of the smoothest.   This ride host a interesting Queue line.   Remember to smile for the cameras.

Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom:   Best seat is to the far inside.   The dinosaurs appear much closer.   This is fun and thrilling a ride that is very dark and you are immersed with all your senses on this ride.

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  The only ride at Walt Disney World to make me scream  after four visits I finally went on this one and was shocked and pleasantly surprised at the storyline and other effects rather than just the straight up and down drops which are scary but fun.  I have a great picture of me screaming and holding on for dear life during the ride.

Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom:   This fun raft ride surprises you on who will get the wettest.  Just make sure to but all belongings that you do not want to get wet in the center of the raft because you will get wet.

Star Tours at Disney Hollywood Studios:  The old one was great but we will see how the new one opening May 20th is.  I am sure looking forward to the re-opening.  And sure that the ride will not disappoint Star Wars fans.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Disney World: Not just Rides

Photos taken May 2010 by me.

Not only are there fun and thrilling rides to enjoy at Walt Disney World but also small things that can make you smile.   Like these pictures of some baby duck(s) with their Momma that I took at Walt Disney World last year.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Counting Down to Disney

Counting down to my favorite place on Earth Walt Disney World.   :)

Photo taken May 2009 by me.